Outdoor Toys for One Year Olds: Types of Toys and Tips for Parents

If you have a one-year-old and are looking for ways to make playing outside more fun for them, try buying an outdoor toy or two. There are many toys for kids around the age of one. A climbing toy, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, or water table are a great place to start.

Physical activity and outdoor play are essential for children of all ages. You can encourage your toddler to enjoy playing outside more by buying outdoor toys. This will also keep your child’s indoor toys clean.

When children play outdoors, they have the opportunity to learn about the world around them. They develop stronger muscles and coordination.

Types of Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

There are lots of different toys you can buy for your toddler to play with outdoors. It’s important to think about your toddler’s personality and buy a toy that fits their specific interests.

Ball Pits

One idea is a ball pit. Ball pits are a lot of fun for little ones, and they can even be brought indoors when it’s too hot or cold to play outdoors. Some ball pits even have slides or tunnels attached for even more outdoor fun.

Water Tables or Sprinklers

In the summer, you can get a water toy for your child to enjoy. You might get a water table or a small swimming pool.

A sprinkler makes a great summer toy too. Of course, always keep an eye on your child around water to keep them safe.

Sandboxes for Sand Castles

You could also buy a sandbox for your child to play in in the summertime. Your child might enjoy building sandcastles, sitting in the sandbox, or burying toys.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive activity for you and your child to do outdoors all year round, try sidewalk chalk.

Chalk is a great item to buy for any little ones who have an interest in art. As your child gets older, this is a fun way to learn their colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and more.

Bubble Machines

A bubble machine is a fun toy that’s perfect for outdoor play. Toddlers can get active by walking or running around to pop the bubbles that float into the air.

Small Basketball Hoops or Soccer Goals

These toys are great for keeping your child active, especially if they show an interest in sports.

Many children’s basketball hoops grow with your child, so they’re great for kids of all ages.

Swing Sets or Jungle Gyms

For a toy that will last for years and work for children of all ages, you might consider buying a swing set.

Swing sets are available in all shapes and sizes. To make a swing set more toddler-friendly, you can buy a baby swing to use in place of one of the child’s swings. Then, you can swap it back out when your toddler gets a little bit older.

Small Slides

If you don’t want to buy a complete swing set, you can buy a slide for your little one. Many small jungle gyms are perfect for young children.

Your toddler will enjoy climbing up the ladder or steps and sliding down the slide over and over again.

Easy to Clean Indoor Toys

Keep in mind that your little one might choose to bring toys from inside to outside. This gives your child more to play with outdoors, but you may want to keep certain toys inside to keep them safe and clean.

Bath toys are an easy toy to bring outside because you can clean them without a problem. It doesn’t matter if bath toys get dirty, and they are pretty sturdy too.

Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Toy

  • Look for durable, sturdy toys that are safe for your child to use and that will last.
  • Find toys that are easy to assemble, unassembled, and store.
  • Make sure toys are designed with your child’s age range in mind to keep your toddler safe.

Why Should You Buy Outdoor Toys for Kids?

Children should spend time playing outdoors and getting fresh air and exercise. One way to encourage your child to spend time outdoors is by buying them fun toys to use when outside.

Increase Interest in Playing Outside

When your child has things to play with outside, they will be more interested in spending time outdoors. They might like these toys more if they only get to play with them outside.

Having Fun With a New Toy

While your child might enjoy playing outside in general, they may enjoy it more when they have something exciting to play with. If your one-year-old doesn’t seem to enjoy being outdoors, having a fun new toy might help.

Note that some children find simple things entertaining. For example, your child might pick up a stick or a rock and play with it for hours. It’s a good idea to have various toys and objects for your child to play with outdoors.

How Much Physical Activity Do One-Year-Olds Need Each Day?

According to the CDC, one to two year olds should get about three hours of physical activity daily.

This might include light activity, like playing or standing up. Active play is also recommended and should make up part of those three hours.

Other Ways to Help Your Child Stay Active

Sometimes, you might need other ways to help your child get some exercise. If the weather is too hot, cold, or rainy, it might be best to limit your time outdoors. In this case, you will need to find other ways to keep your one-year-old active while indoors.

These are some of the ways you can get active with your child at home:

1. Have a Dance Party

Turn on some of your toddler’s favorite songs and dance around with them. You can also find dance videos on YouTube that you and your child can follow along with.

2. Create an Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is something that doesn’t get old. You can build different obstacle courses every day of the week. Use what you already have at home, such as furniture, boxes, balls, and more.

3. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a fun opportunity for your child to be active. When your child is young, hide in an obvious place just a few feet away from them.

You could also leave your arm sticking out from your hiding place so your child doesn’t get scared.

As your child gets older, hide and seek is a great way for them to learn how to count and explore

4. Work Out Together

On YouTube, you can find workout videos for parents and toddlers to do together. You could also do yoga or make up your own workout. Be sure to help your child along the way, and maybe let them make up a workout move.

5. Try Scavenger Hunts

Hide a few objects around the house and help your child look for them. When your child is young, you should hide them in obvious places. Then, as your child grows, you can make the scavenger hunt trickier.

How Long Will Toddlers Pay Attention to One Activity?

Toddlers typically have short attention spans. For this reason, you may need to help them stay focused on a specific activity.

Try to get your child to focus on one activity for 10 minutes. If possible, stretch that time so your child can get additional exercise and learn how to stay focused.

If your child doesn’t seem to be able to focus on the task, don’t worry. You can try a different activity and come back to the rest another day.

You want your child to enjoy physical activity, so you should make it fun. Don’t let it become a chore for your child.

Safety Precautions for Outdoor Play

When you’re playing outside with your child, it’s essential to keep a close eye on them, especially when they are very young. If you buy your child a ride-on toy, make sure they stay away from the street. If your child is playing in a swimming pool, you must keep a close eye on them.

It would help if you also prepared for injuries and emergencies. As your one-year-old learns to walk, run, and jump outside, they may fall and scrape their knee. Your child could be stung by a bee or get a sunburn. Some of these things are preventable, while others are not.

Outdoor play is important for kids of all ages. Kids love playing outside, and they should have an opportunity to do so safely. Though there are some risks involved with your child playing outside, there are many benefits. It’s important to be prepared in case of an injury or emergency.

Outdoor Play is Great for Development and Activity

Find a toy that your child would enjoy based on their personality. If you can, it’s a good idea to buy a toy that will keep your child’s interest long-term. Having interactive toys and opportunities for imaginative play outside are a great way to encourage physical activity.