Meet Katie

Here is Katie, the creator of Health 4 Littles


I’m Katie! The registered dietitian nutritionist behind Health 4 Littles.

After listening to so many friends discuss the challenges they faced as new parents, I was inspired to create Health 4 Littles. From picky eaters to keeping their little ones occupied for a few minutes of peace, I knew I wanted to help!

Before becoming a registered dietitian, my passion and love for working with children began to grow in college. I actually began as a child development major but transitioned to kinesiology for a stronger focus in health. 

I soon began volunteering as a coach for the Junior Giants baseball league and helped with an adaptive physical activity program for children with disabilities. These experiences taught me the importance of love, patience, and kindness when working with children.

Here is Katie, the creator of Health 4 Littles

However, I knew something was missing. That’s when I took the leap to pursue a Masters in Nutrition to become a registered dietitian nutritionist.

In that program, I had the privilege of teaching nutrition lessons to kindergarten students. Their pure and imaginative hearts melted mine. Now, I am excited to provide this resource for their loved ones!

At Health 4 Littles, I’ve merged my professional expertise and personal experiences to develop a trusted space to help you navigate the journey that is raising a healthy and happy child.

With evidence-based recommendations that are to the point, Health 4 Littles offers a variety of information spanning from food to wellness for your sweet child.

Check out what Health 4 Littles has to offer and contact me with any questions.

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