How Many Burp Cloths Will I Need?

Burp cloths are a surprisingly overlooked item for new mothers, and they’re a huge necessity! Do you have any idea how much a baby spits up, especially after you burp them?

Though it honestly depends on a lot of factors, you’ll likely need more than just one cloth. Once you know how many burp cloths you’ll likely need, we will review tips on picking out and uses for burp cloths.

Purchase About 12 Cloths: Have Fun With Colors and Patterns!

Why so many? Well, think about how many repeated washes your burp cloth would need if you only bought one!

You need a decent amount of different burp cloths to make sure that the ones you have aren’t all in the laundry.

Expect to wash at least three each day. Also, buying burp cloths in different (preferably lighter) colors and patterns will help to reduce the likelihood that they’ll have visible stains.

Whether it has polka dots or a cute cartoon character print, have a little fun picking them out!

Review Size, Fabric, and Durability

You may be wondering how such a small baby can make such a big mess! While seeing is believing, don’t risk messing up your favorite shirt.

Buy a sizable burp cloth that will cover your whole shoulder, and make sure to buy larger sizes as your baby grows.

You also want to look for an absorbent fabric such as cotton or bamboo. You may also want to keep skin sensitivities, durability for repeated washes, and anything you or your baby throws at it in mind as you shop.

Check the Price and Read Reviews

You need a burp cloth that’s not only good for you and your little one but is also of good quality and affordable. Sometimes burp rags, cloth bibs, and even cloth diapers are sold in sets.

Purchasing sets can be a very cost-effective and convenient way to fill your diaper bag. Check the price to make sure you’re getting a good deal, but also see what other parents are saying about the burp cloths you’re considering.

Every baby is different, so you’ll want to find something that suits your little one best.

Proper Care Improves Longevity

Burp cloths can get all sorts of things on them, whether it’s breast milk, baby spit, or even baby food if they’ve started eating solid food. That’s why it’s super important to make sure you wash them properly!

Before placing them in the washing machine, use a stain remover that’s safe for babies. Rub the solution in and let the rags sit for a while.

You can even set the delay start on your washer to avoid the likelihood of forgetting to start the wash all together. I just discovered the value of this feature!

Make sure to set the washing machine to a warm, delicate setting. Finally, either hang the cloths to dry or place them in the dryer on a low heat setting to try to avoid the possibility of them shrinking.

The Many Uses of Burp Cloths

There are a variety of uses for burp rags besides catching spit-up that you might not have considered. After all, they’re made of cloth, which is already pretty versatile.

These examples are just a few creative ways to find a use for your extra burp cloths!

  • Cleaning off surfaces and the baby
  • Wiping diaper-rashed bottoms
  • As a replacement for a cloth bib or cloth diapers (or vice versa)
  • As a spare changing pad for when you don’t have one
  • Comforting the baby when they need a blanket

Try Sewing Some Yourself If You’re The Crafty Type

Here’s something for the DIY-loving moms out there! There are a lot of different tutorials online for making burp cloths, so if you know how to sew (or you want to learn), why not give it a try?

It’s a much less expensive option in the long run, and if you have some extra fabric lying around, here’s your chance to use it for something. For the material, it would be best to use cotton, terry cloth, bamboo, flannel, or muslin. Happy sewing!

Now that you’ve got some tips on how to use and buy burp cloths, you might be wondering which type would be best for your little one. 

Burp cloths come in different shapes, fabrics, and sizes, so it can be challenging to decide which ones to buy. There are also many items that weren’t made to be burp cloths, but can be used in the same way.

And they actually do a pretty good job! Without further ado, here are some different types of burp cloths that you can use.


Organic and hypoallergenic burp cloths don’t have bleach or artificial coloring, so they’re great for babies with sensitive skin or allergies to certain types of fabric.

If your little one tends to get rashes on their skin, try purchasing something soft and delicate that says ‘organic’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ on the packaging. Keep an eye out for these keywords. As always, check what it’s made with before you buy it.


  • Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Burp Cloths
  • Milkbarn Organic Burp Cloths
  • Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths made from Organic Cotton

Cloth Diapers

Yes, you can use these as burp cloths, and they do a pretty good job! An excellent item for multi-purpose use, they fold flat, are thick and absorbent, are gentle for a baby’s skin, and can cover a decent area of your shoulder.

Great for both cutting costs and finding different uses for a single item. If you’re thrifty, give it a try!


  • Gerber Prefold Gauze Diaper
  • Humble Bebe unbleached pre-fold cloth diapers
  • Luvable Friends 5-Pack Premium Prefold Cloth Diaper in White

Large Cloths

Sometimes you’ll need a cloth that covers a larger surface, giving you a guarantee that your clothes will be safe from whatever your baby has in store for you.

Some babies spit up more than others, and if this sounds like your little one, large burp rags might be worth looking into.

A cloth that’s 20 by 10 inches is considered to be on the larger side, so keep that in mind.


  • Copper Pearl Baby Burp Cloths
  • Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Burp Cloths
  • Gerber Baby Girls’ 4-Pack Flannel Burp Cloth

Extra Absorbent

Does your baby spit up a lot? Are feeding times known to be messy? Maybe you need a burp cloth that’s ultra-absorbent so that it can catch everything that falls out of the baby’s mouth. These are a lifesaver for when you’re wearing nice clothes.


  • Burt’s Bees Baby – Burp Cloths, 5-Pack Extra Absorbent 100% Organic Cotton Burp Cloths
  • YOOFOSS Muslin Burp Cloths 10 Pack 100% Cotton Extra Soft and Absorbent 4 Layers Large 14”x 20″
  • Keababies Organic Burp Cloths for Baby Boys and Girls – 5-Pack Ultra Absorbent Burping Cloth

Cloth Bibs

You can also try using cloth bibs as burp rags, or try using a combination of both! Both are created to be absorbent and to clean up messes, so they work pretty well together.

If you’re looking for something multi-purpose, this might be worth giving a try if you’re not interested in using cloth diapers.


  • Aden and Anais Burpy Bibs
  • Buttons 100% Muslin Burp Cloth Bib Combo
  • BABY SENSE 2-in-1 burp cloth & bib

As a parent, you’ll quickly learn that you need all of the help you can get to prevent messes, especially when your kids are still very young.

For that reason, burp rags are a great gift to buy for a baby shower. It’s good to make sure that you’re fully stocked on them before your baby is due to arrive. Yes, you will be doing this right away, so make sure you’re prepared for some messes!

The Importance of Burping

Why is it so essential to burp a baby after they eat, anyway? First, babies tend to swallow too much air when they’re feeding. If that air stays in their little tummies, it can make your baby feel gassy or spit-up. 

Extra gas can also form from the baby’s developing digestive system. Allergies, your diet (if you’re breastfeeding), and nipple flow may also contribute. Gas can make your baby feel cranky and moody, and we don’t want that!

So, if your baby ever seems fussy during a feeding, try propping them up against your shoulder and gently patting their back until they burp.

Always remember that there’s a difference between spitting up and vomiting. I would suggest calling your pediatrician if your baby vomits more than once.  

Quick Answer: How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need?

Purchase about 12 cloths, and have fun picking out some unique colors and patterns! Expect to wash at least three each day, if not more.

Also, I would suggest selecting cloths in lighter colors and patterns to help minimize the visibility of stains.

Choosing the Right Burp Cloth

  • Review the size, fabric, and durability
  • Select hypoallergenic materials for infants with sensitive skin
  • Look for extra absorbent cloths for those extra messy eaters
  • Check out the price and read reviews