8 Fun Games to Play With Your Kids: Time To Make Some Memories!

Playing with our kids is great for their health and development. According to an article in Psychology Today, children who play with their parents, versus alone or with a sibling, tend to develop more skills for social interaction and it can increase the bond you and your child have.

Below are some games that are great for us to play WITH our kids that won’t be too difficult for them and you won’t groan when they mention for the 64th time today that they want to play another round of Candy Land (which they’ve lost over half of the pieces for already).

1. Sports!!

Hut, hut, hike! Tossing a ball with your kid or getting them one of those little plastic t-ball stands for them to practice their hand-eye coordination is a great way to enjoy active outdoor time with your kids! 

You will love watching them get excited over their “home run” they just hit, and they will be practicing cognitive skills as well as getting pumped up to pretend to be Babe Ruth.

Look into different types of T-ball and bat set for a great start even for the smaller kids in your home, and it’s super affordable!

2. Get Up and Dance

If you’re like me, you love to dance (no one ever said I was good at it, but it’s fun), and most children love to dance as well!

Some kid’s songs say what to do for the dance. For example, head, shoulders, knees, and toes – add a few of those to your playlist and have a parent/child dance party!!

Inside or outside, your kids are sure to have a blast cutting a rug as your dance partner.

3. How Low Can You Go?

I know you aren’t as little as you once were, but your kids will get a kick out of watching you try to limbo under a broomstick.

Turn on some music and take turns trying to sneak under the limbo stick – remember, your hands can’t touch the ground.

My nephews like this one because they like to see me struggle, and they love to win (which they always do, considering they are pint-size!)

4. Ring Around the Rosy

This is a favorite in our house! The kids know the words and like to sing along, plus they get to drop to the ground in full belly laugh giggles, which makes it fun for me too.

I love to hear them laugh, and you’re sure to get some laughs out of them when “we all fall down.”

5. Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

You don’t need any special equipment for this game. Racing with your kids! You get a workout, they get a workout, and more than likely they go to bed early – it’s a win, win, win!

It’s also fun to change it up a little! I know it can seem a bit redundant to race your kid(s) from one side of the fence to the other so you can change it up. Throw a little imagination in there and work different parts of your body in the process.

You can have running races, backward running, crab walks, bear walks (my friend’s three year old beats me with this one every time – and I don’t even LET her win!).

It’s so much fun to let the kids pick a race-style too. They will come up with some crazy things they expect you to do, but all in all, it’s a blast!

6. Tag, You’re it!

While we are running around the yard, we may as well get in a fun game of tag! Regular tag, freeze tag, or even turtle tag. Some kids like to be “it,” while some don’t.

But it’s fun for everyone, and we don’t have to learn any new rules because we already know how to play.

7. Simon Says “Read on”

Since I’ve started you on this little memory lane trip, how about a game of Simon Says? You can be Simon (to start) and line your kids up to play a game that can be fun, funny, and active! How great is that?

I’m also going to warn you, in case you don’t remember being a kid and playing this game, your kids will make you do some of the weirdest things and think it’s hilarious – Simon Says pick your nose, now you have to do it because Simon said so.

8. Rock Painting

Now it’s probably time to calm down a little bit. Painting before bath time is a perfect time to paint. Have your kids collect some rocks, large or small – and have them paint the stones they find.

Get some cheap paintbrushes from Walmart or Amazon and washable/water-based paints and let your kids create their little masterpieces. It’s becoming popular for people to hide rocks and let random people find them!

So your little ones can either keep them on display in their rooms or hide them for another person to find. Check Facebook for local rock hiding groups. I bet there is more than one…if not, start your own!

Time To Make Some Memories 

I think we have a few good ideas here to get out and play with your kids – something you will all enjoy. Don’t forget to take pictures of all the fun you’re having! A little active, a little crafty, and a lot of fun. I’d say it’s going to be a great day – or weekend.