Best Pregnancy Workout App

It’s no secret that staying active during pregnancy can have numerous benefits for both mom and baby, from reducing the risk of gestational diabetes to supporting a healthy delivery.

And while finding time and motivation to exercise during this exciting and often exhausting time can be challenging, technology can make it easier than ever before.

That’s why we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best pregnancy workout apps– read on to find out which app made the cut.

Introducing Pregnancy Workout Apps

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, workout apps are a great way to stay fit while keeping your baby safe.

There are several apps available that cater specifically to pregnant women, offering workouts tailored to each trimester. These apps provide a variety of exercise options such as yoga, pilates, high-intensity interval training, and more.

In this section, we will explore the best pregnancy workout apps available in the market today. Whether you are looking for prenatal yoga, meditation, or postnatal fitness, we have got you covered.

These apps are great for women of all fitness levels and will help you stay active and healthy throughout your pregnancy journey.

Prenatal Yoga Workouts with Juna App

The Juna app is designed by moms for moms, making it an ideal choice for expecting mothers who want to stay fit and healthy throughout their pregnancies.

The app’s prenatal yoga workouts are specifically tailored for women with all levels of yoga experience, providing detailed instructions and modifications for each pose.

Juna also includes a range of other features such as meal plans, personalized coaching, and guidance from certified experts in prenatal and postnatal health.

Combined with its easy-to-use interface and daily reminders, Juna is a great option for moms-to-be looking for a comprehensive workout app to support their pregnancy journey.

Oh Baby! App for All Stages of Pregnancy

Oh Baby! App is a wonderful addition to the pregnancy workout app world, offering a comprehensive app for all stages of pregnancy.

It includes a weekly pregnancy workout, developmental milestones for your baby, kick counter, and nutrition tracker. Users love the personalized workout plans and the access to a community of other expecting mothers.

The app even includes postpartum recovery exercises to help new moms regain strength and flexibility after giving birth.

Overall, Oh Baby! App is a great choice for moms-to-be looking for a one-stop-shop for their pregnancy and postpartum fitness needs.


Baby2Body is a must-have app for expectant mothers, offering personalized fitness plans and wellness coaching throughout all stages of motherhood.

Consistently ranked as the number one fit mom app, Baby2Body takes the guesswork out of staying healthy and happy during pregnancy and beyond.

With tailored workout plans, healthy tips and delicious recipes, Baby2Body makes it easy to stay active and well-nourished.

In addition, the app offers mindfulness exercises designed to help moms relax and reduce stress. For those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle during and after pregnancy, Baby2Body is the perfect one-stop-shop.

Consistently Ranked #1 FitMom App

As the search for the best pregnancy workout app continues, there’s one app that consistently ranks high and it’s no surprise why. Baby2Body takes the top spot as the number one FitMom app for good reason.

With the aim to guide and coach women to optimize their fitness and wellness throughout all stages of motherhood, Baby2Body takes the guesswork out of staying healthy and happy.

Fit moms can expect a new workout every day, personalized nutrition tips, expert advice, and much more. With a user-friendly interface and a multitude of features, it’s no wonder Baby2Body is the go-to app for expecting and new mothers.

However, there are other options to consider such as the Juna app for prenatal yoga workouts or Oh Baby! for a comprehensive guide to all stages of pregnancy.

Aaptiv Audio-Based Fitness Service, Glo Yoga and Meditation, and Fiit Mum are also noteworthy mentions.

Glo Yoga and Meditation

Glo offers a wide range of workout styles for every fitness level and preference, including strength training, yoga, Pilates, barre, and meditation.

Their expert instructors provide daily live teaching sessions that offer a personalized experience, making it easy for pregnant women to practice yoga, meditation, and Pilates from the comfort of their homes.

With a 7-day free trial, women can experience what’s inside before committing to a subscription.

Glo is not a pregnancy-specific exercise app, but it offers plenty of workouts suitable for pregnant women, making it a great choice for moms-to-be.

Whether it’s strength training or meditation, Glo Yoga and Meditation has something to help every woman feel better in body and mind.

Aaptiv Audio-Based Fitness Service

Aaptiv is an audio-based fitness service that offers personalized workouts from certified personal trainers, coupled with motivating music.

This app caters to a wide range of fitness goals, including weight loss, race training, flexibility, maternity, and more. It has been featured as one of the best workout subscription apps by various sources, including Forbes and Shape.

In addition, Aaptiv offers a seven-day free trial for those who want to test out its services. For pregnant women, Aaptiv provides a range of exercises, tailored to their specific trimester, and helps them stay active throughout their pregnancy.

It’s also a great choice for people who like to mix up their workouts, as it offers a wide variety of audio-based workouts, making it a total dream for audio-based fitness enthusiasts.

Aaptiv’s audio-based app is perfect for those who prefer a hands-free workout session and want to be able to download and choose each workout at their discretion.

Overall, Aaptiv is a great audio-based fitness service that is worth trying out for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy.

Fiit Mum

Fiit Mum is an app that focuses on postnatal health and fitness. As a mother, it’s important to take care of yourself after giving birth, and Fiit Mum knows that.

With expert-led workouts and personalized health plans, this app makes it easy for moms to stay active and healthy while balancing the demands of motherhood.

The workouts range from post-pregnancy yoga to strength training, so there’s something for everyone.

Combine Fiit Mum with the other best pregnancy workout apps and you’ll have a complete fitness routine that will keep you fit and healthy before, during, and after pregnancy.